Post - Natal care

Although the nine months of pregnancy are most crucial, the next six to eight weeks period after the delivery also need attention and care. This period is called post-natal period. During this period, not only the new mother goes through many physical and emotional changes but also learn to care for her new-born.

For the Post-natal care, your doctor will advise you the following:

  • Proper & enough rest for mother
  • Dietary guidelines to ensure good nutrition
  • Hygienic vaginal care
  • Immediate Postnatal care

Initially, within 24hours of the delivery, doctor develops a postnatal care plan tailored especially according to the needs of the mother as well as baby. It includes the details of the delivery and instructions to be followed for next 6-8 weeks.

Post-natal mother-s health check-up

The first health check-up is done soon after the delivery and a number of similar check-ups are performed for the next 24 hours to ensure good health of both the mother and the baby. The check-ups include:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Urine status
  • Encouragement to move around gently
  • Solving all the queries of the new mother regarding her health, birth process or baby care
  • Breast feeding instructions
  • Baby’s health check-up

Baby-s health status should be recorded immediately after birth and regular check-ups including the following should be performed:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Urine and stools frequency
  • Initiate feeding and suck well on the breast (or bottle)
  • Injection of vitaminK
  • Jaundice monitoring
  • After discharge from Hospital

Almost 6 weeks after the delivery, the mother is checked for the following during her first post-natal visit to the hospital:

  • Weigh measurement of mother as well as baby
  • Urine test to ensure kidneys are working properly and there is no infection
  • Blood pressure will be checked
  • Examination of stitches
  • Rubella (German measles) immunisation
  • Vaginal health
  • Babies examination
  • Solving all the queries mother and prescribing appropriate treatment if required
Authored by Dr.Deepak Rao

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