Infertility counselling

Infertility, or the inability of a couple to conceive after 6-12 months of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse, is a very disheartening experience. It is well said that only the person experiencing this knows the associated pain and stress. Couples explain it as“rollercoaster” ride of every month. In fact getting diagnosed with infertility and seeking treatment for it is itself very difficult to accept for any couple.

But our specialists at Rashmi Hospital understand the pain and provide appropriate counselling to help you cope with the emotional turmoil, be strong and choose the right treatment option that will enhance your chances of enjoying the joy of parenthood. Not only this, we encourage our patient to improve communication with their partner and deal better with family and friends.

The infertility counselling at Rashmi Hospital not only allows you to explore all options of family building but also prepares you to deal better with the emotional and physical stress associated with fertility treatments.

Couples may seek professional counselling for any of the following and various other reasons:

  • Emotional Stress & Struggle: It is really hard to accept the fact that there is something idequate in your or your partner-s body that is not allowing you to have a baby. This feeling of sadness, depression, worry or anxiety needs special care and should be handled by professionals. A counsellor will show a ray of hope even in the worst conditions and will give answers to all your queries and concerns.
  • Strained Relationship of couple: To become a parent, it is most important to be a couple first. Strained relationship can be a big hurdle for the couple not being able to conceive. Very often the inability to conceive causes a strained relationship. Counselling becomes all the more important to make the couple understand and support each other.
  • Third party situation: Counselling plays the most important role when a couple considers third party options like egg/ sperm/embryo donation or surrogacy etc. It can only be a counsellor who can make you understand the need of the situation while opening all the aspects of a couple-s infertility.
  • Emotional support: While getting treated for infertility, emotional support from a person other than your immediate family can give you immense relief. Especially in situations where a couple needs to make some difficult decisions like leading a child free life or going for adoption.

Advantages of Infertility Counselling at Rashmi Hospital

Our doctors are all accomplished in helping couples adapt to fertility issues in the best way possible. They assist you in the following ways:

  • Help you deal with the emotional stress
  • Provide extra support
  • Allow you to explore all options for family building
  • Help you in overcoming the dilemmas and deciding the right fertility treatment
  • Explains the pros and cons of infertility management and your specific treatment
Authored by Dr.Deepak Rao

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