Delivery may be normal or assisted and depends on several factors.

Position of the Baby & Delivery choice

  • Cephalic presentation: Baby with its head down and buttocks up is in cephalic [head] presentation in the mother’s womb. It is the most common position of the baby that is most likely to lead to a normal vaginal delivery.
  • Breech presentation: Baby that lies ‘upside down’ i.e. the head of the baby is upwards and the buttocks are downwards is said to be in breech position. C-section is the preferred choice for a patient with her first pregnancy in a breech position, while vaginal delivery can be tried if it is second or third pregnancy with a previous vaginal delivery.
  • Transverse lie presentation: Baby who is lying with the head on one side and the buttocks on the other side across mother’s stomach is said to be in transverse lie position. Normal delivery is not possible with this position as neither the head nor the buttocks are over the birth canal.
  • Brow presentation: Baby with the head down but extended neck is in brow presentation. The large diameter of the head in this position does not allow a normal delivery.
  • Cord presentation: When umbilical cord of the baby overlies the mouth of the uterus, it is called cord presentation. It is an extremely dangerous position in which baby does not get sufficient oxygen due to interruption by cord when the bag of waters ruptures.
  • Occipito posterior positions: It is a normal cephalic position with back of the head towards mother’s back instead of it towards her front. This is seen in about 30% of patients and may lead to longer and more painful labor with a higher chance of a caesarean section.

painless delivery

Facilities available at our hospital:

  • 24 hours emergency service throughout all days of a week
  • Excellent obstetric care
  • Vaginal delivery
  • Forceps or vacuum delivery
  • Caesarean section
  • Painless delivery by giving epidural analgesia

Authored by Dr.Deepak Rao

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